"Gold Rush"

OT Help Desk’s 4 Hour Group Tutoring Session

(Up to 30 people in each session).


February 19th
1-5pm EST


$69 per session

Periodically, special sessions will be offered. They will offer specific content  designed to organize each student with the necessary tools required to be effective when it comes to PASSING the NBCOT Board Certification Examination.


1. Mental Health-Group Process
2.Physical Disabilities- Hand & Splinting
3. Pediatrics-Development
4. Professional Competencies & Practice - Payments Systems -Ethics-Supervision.

How Does It Work:

  1. Four Content Areas: Mental Health/ Physical Disabilities/ Pediatrics/ Professional Competencies & Practice.
  2. Designing an effective study plan.
  3. Learning methods to effectively answer NBCOT® Board Examination questions. (We will go over 50 questions during the session.)
  4. Learn how to effectively answer Clinical Simulations (3 Full Clinical simulations used in the process of your learning).
  5. Learn and develop a plan for building test endurance.

Periodically Special Group Sessions will be available.
Look for upcoming events on this page.

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