OT Help Desk - FAQs

The Gold Guarantee product is for students who are studying for the boards. This offers everything you need in one package.

The OTHelpDesk is a standalone product and will get the job done and help you pass the boards.  BUT Dr. Connelly insists that if you can afford it, it is wise to use other products. No one product on the market is a perfect fit.

You can join any product (OTA Prep, OR Gold Guarantee) at any time in the process. The courses continuing running and there are pre-recorded versions of each session uploaded to the course pages at all times. That way you can go at your own pace.

These include all the content that OT students need to know when studying for the boards. It is all-Video sessions that address all content from Peds to Physical Disability, Mental health, and all of the Practice & Administration information. It also has great Pre-Test and Post Test questions. Its everything you need to know under one umbrella.

There are pre-recorded versions of each session uploaded to the course page at all times. Go to the lesson for the day and scroll down to the Advanced Session; that is where the video is uploaded. That way you can go at your own pace, and you never miss a session.

The resources are categorized by topic and they can be found at the end of each Lesson/section (Example: CVA PDF’s can be found at the end of the topics on CVA’s). Everyone loves these, they are very comprehensive.

As part of the Gold Guarantee Product you will have access to Topic Sessions scheduled Monday through Friday, and 1 Open Session per week. During each Topic Session a different area of OT practice will be reviewed, and each Open Session will focus on the process of answering questions using The Wingman concept. Refer to the calendar for specific dates/times for each Open and Topic Session.

When you purchase the product, you provide an expected date for the NBCOT test. You have access to the product until you pass the NBCOT test. At which time you are required to give notice to the OT Helpdesk, or the product will expire based on that time frame.

Click on “progress report” on the left side of the home page, then click the drop down arrow for your course – you should be able to view test scores there. If you click on the icon under “statistics”, you will be provided with a breakdown of each question, your response, and the correct response.