Greetings from Dr. Connelly!

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Welcome everyone,

My name is Dr. Connelly and I am the founder and
President of the OT helpdesk.

The help desk is a concept that I developed
unknowingly over a period of 15 years. It focuses on
helping students to learn how to “reason” when it
comes to taking a test. It is a process that uses what
you have already learned and enhances the speed
and accuracy of how you address problems.
My understanding is that you have already studied
for the test (many of them). In fact, most of you
have purchased products that you are already using
when it comes to studying for the NBCOT Board
examination. And to be honest, I think that is what
you have to do to be successful.

So what is it that I do that is different?

My background is diverse, I worked in healthcare
for over 21 years, both as a clinician, and as an
administrator. I entered academia (Teaching) in
2005. And at one point I became the founder and
program director of an OTD program in Florida. So I have learned not just how to teach, but also how to set up an entire curriculum to prepare students for
clinical practice and for taking the boards.
When I entered teaching, It didn’t take me long to
meet that first person who was unable to pass the
boards. I guess it is all a coincidence. But since that
time, not only do I teach the board prep courses,
but I have worked closely with over 200 students
who failed the boards at least 2 times. And my track
record is 99% passed.

During that time, I have listened and learned about
what positions students to be effective and
ineffective when it comes to navigating how they
think and respond to test questions.
So here is what I did, I went back and created a
process which is cognitively layered to position you
to evolve the information that you already know
into a reasoning process. I call it the Wingman. And
the cool part about it, is that all you have to do to
be successful, it to follow the process, one step at a
time. You see, all the ingredients are already there.

So how does it work and what do you do?

We know that you can surf the internet and find any
information that you need to know when it comes
to a topic. But how do you use that information,
and what do you do with it to make it stick or make
sense when it comes to being able to apply it to a
question. What I found was that you train your
brain to use a process like the wingman! When that
happens, honestly, the rest falls in line.
So that is how I got here. I have what I feel is a
crafted package based on steps that you need to
follow. When you do, you pass the boards.
So take the time to look around our web page, and
see if this interests you.

And finally, I will leave you with this, I have a saying
that I use every time I teach the board prep courses,
and I want you to hear it.

passes!!!!!! Everyone……..And that means you!
So here is my guarantee, You don’t pass, you get
your money back.

Come and join us and find out! See you soon!